Zidoo Controller v1.9.6-BL2

A modded version of Zidoo Controller v1.9.6 has been released via Telegram. Special thanks goes to the author runels. Since I like the alternative look I would like to share it with you.

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see Zidoo Controller v1.9.6 to compare

Device List
Device List
Install app
Music Player
Music Player – Song
Music Player – Artist
Music Player – Album
Music Player – Folder
Music Player – Search
Poster Wall – Home
Poster Wall – Search
Poster Wall – Category
Poster Wall – Sources
Poster Wall – Settings
Remote Control
Remote Control
Quick Settings
Quick Settings

5 thoughts on “Zidoo Controller v1.9.6-BL2”

  1. Thank you.
    I was allready hoping for this version, because it looks so much better than the standard one.

    I only don’t understand why there is no mention of the 1.9.6 version on the zidoo site or google play ??

  2. Zidoo Controller HD for iPad has been released🥳
    It can be downloaded from Apple Store.
    Except iPad controller, Zidoo has also released mobile phone controller app for IOS and Android. Easy control!

  3. I asked runels to modify the remote control – I gave him a file, he did it, and posted a telegram in the Russian chat. We communicate well with him. He also takes part in the translation of the firmware in the part of the Russian language through the Zidoo forum.

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