Guide: How to uninstall a system application

On Android there are system apps and user apps. System apps are stored in the system partition and user apps in the user partition. For security reason, you cannot alter the system partition as a user. That is the reason why a user can not uninstall system apps. The app menu for Home Theater, Music Player or Media Manager don’t show the uninstall button like e.g. the preinstalled user app Chrome does (X9S with firmware v2.1.45. It might be differed on your player).

As precondition, please read the guide “How to use Android Debug Bridge” first.

adb start-server

ensure that there is a server running

adb connect HOST[:PORT]

connect to a device via TCP/IP [default port=5555]

adb root

restart adbd with root permissions

adb remount

remount partitions read-write

adb shell

interactive shell

use the package manager to list the installed Zidoo packages with their package names

pm list packages | grep zidoo
Screenshot 2023 07 16 142923

use the package manager to uninstall Home Theater with package name com.zidoo.poster

pm uninstall --user 0 com.zidoo.poster
pm uninstall com.zidoo.poster

Home Theater is no longer listed under APPS

or Settings ➛ Apps

but it’s still listed under Settings ➛ Apps ➛ Show system

The Home Theater app is still on the system partition, so it has to be removed permanently.

change to system app directory

cd /system/app

list all directory starting with zidoo

ls -ld zidoo*

force recursive remove of directory zidoo_poster

rm -rf zidoo_poster

Reboot and Home Theater has completely removed from your player

Settings ➛ Apps ➛ Show system

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