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Modded APKs for Android 6/7.1 devices based on Android 9 firmware

It took me three days to figure out how to create working APKs for the Android 6/7.1 devices based on the Android 9 code from the Z9X firmware v6.0.35.

Update 2020-09-10: Since Zidoo released an update for Z9S with even more current versions of their apps, the use of modded APKs is not necessary for now.

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Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to install modded APKs on Zidoo Android 6/7.1 based devices

As precondition you should read my guide “How to uninstall a system application on Zidoo Android 6/7.1 based devices“. It will show you how to root your device and how to use the Android Terminal Emulator. Don’t install the modded APK directly eg. with ApkInstaller or you will end up with missing permissions! execute Terminal … Read more