Guide: How to update OpenWRT and setup Network Shares

Download the latest version from jjm2473 RTD129X Openwrt 18.06 site and put the zip file as it is on a USB stick.

I hope the images are mostly self explaining.

navigate to QUICK SETTINGS / SETTING depending on your model

ZIUI Cool X8, X9S, X10, Z9S, Z10
ZIUICancer X20, X20 Pro, Z1000, UHD2000

choose the downloaded file from the USB stick

press Update button

after reboot open http://openwrt/cgi-bin/luci in your favourite Webbrowser

I recommend to setup a password first so navigate to System / Administration

enter a new password and confirm it

press SAVE & APPLY button

navigate to System / Mount Points

press the GENERATE CONFIG button

enable the Mount Point /mnt/mmcblk0p2

press SAVE & APPLY button

navigate to Services / Network Shares

press the ADD button

Force Rootchecked
Allow guestschecked

press SAVE & APPLY button

Samba Network Share is now accessable from Windows





12 thoughts on “Guide: How to update OpenWRT and setup Network Shares”

  1. Above works fine and is very useful. Thank you.
    Can one get same result with SATA HDD with NTFS file system? In other words: is there a method to get access to ZIDOO’s hard disk from the windows10 PC in local network?

  2. Hello, at home it does not work I have a zidoo z9S, in 3.35, I followed your guide, the update is doing well, but impossible to mount the mmcblk0p2 partition.
    It puts me modification not carried out at the top of the window. And even by enforcing it, it doesn’t work.
    Even if you manually mount the partition on reboot it comes back to the same point.

  3. One problem would be that I want to set up network access to the USB device.

    Even if you manage to set one of the options, it will add write access to the root directory, if you want to write it inside a folder, it will write write protection. If I enter a username, you will be asked for a password.

    Where do I enter the password associated with the username? I don’t see such an option in Samba settings

  4. Hi,

    Pushed latest update to my X8, it worked fine but all changes I make can’t be saved. I see changes not applied and when I try to save / apply it remains unsaved. Rolled back to openwrt original (from OTA) it works fine. Any clue?

  5. Bonsoir, les changements suivis à la lettre ne s’appliquent pas dans OpenWRT. “Enregistrer et appliquer” ne fait rien, Comment faire ?

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