Zidoo Applications

checksum file*
GappsInstallerv1.2.4SHA256Zidoo DownloadOneDrive Download
USB Audio Driver
USB Audio Driver just only use for Windows. Use for NEO X,UHD3000.  
v4.13.0SHA256Zidoo DownloadOneDrive Download
Zidoo OnkeyRoot
v1.1.4SHA256OneDrive Download
Zidoo OnekeyRoot
(Android 7.1)
v1.1.5SHA256OneDrive Download
Zidoo Controllerv1.10.21SHA256Zidoo DownloadOneDrive Download
ZDMCv20.2SHA256Zidoo DownloadOneDrive Download

see official Zidoo Release APK page

6 thoughts on “Zidoo Applications”

  1. Well, my new friends I am a zidoo x9s user for five years or more the truth is I cant remember it.
    I am glad for finding this new site dedicated to ZIDOO. Iwas trying for a long time to change the firmware of my Ziddo to the last one as it rather old but I read some no good news about it.
    So I hope to find here someone who could adviced me which firmware is the best.
    I am Spanish from Madrid-

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