Guide: Zidoo Web Frontend

In this guide I’ll give you a quick overview of the Zidoo Web Frontend functions.

You can access the Zidoo Web Frontend by entering the URL from Control Center page into your preferred web browser.

Password Handling

enter password

set initial password

get current password

http://<zidoo IP>:9529/ZidooControlCenter/getpassword


set new password

http://<zidoo IP>:9529/ZidooControlCenter/setpassword?password=<password>


Function Overview


Control is a web based remote control for your Zidoo media player.


Apps is web based application management with these options:

  • open application
  • clear data
  • uninstall application


Movies is a web based poster wall.

Hover with the mouse over the movie you want to update. Click on the update button (three white lines in the lower right corner).

rematch a movie

select update button for movie Robot Chicken: Star Wars

select Movie Match

enter the title and press button SEARCH

select the correct movie from the Search Results

press button SUBMIT


move movie into correct collection

select update button for movie Star Wars

select Collection Management

select Star Wars Collection and confirm

repeat last two steps with movie The Rise of Skywalker


update poster/backdrop

select Star Wars Collection

select update button for movie Star Wars

select Poster

pick a new poster

select Backdrop

pick a new backdrop

poster and backdrop have been successful changed for movie Star Wars

select movie Star Wars


Files is a web based file browser.

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