tinyMediaManager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and macOS (and possible more OS).

VersionBuild date
PlatformArchitectureOfficial DownloadAlternative DownloadSHA-256
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windows  Installer (.exe)Windows
blockOneDrive DownloadSHA256
windows  Portable (.zip)Windows
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
macOS  Disk image (.dmg)macOS
blockOneDrive DownloadSHA256
macOS  Portable (.zip)macOS
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
linux  Portable (.tar.gz)Linux
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ARM  Portable (.tar.gz)Linux
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Version 4.3.8
+ added new <episodeguide> style for Kodi v19+ - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=370489 (http://bit.ly/3IIJZLV)
+ added an option to specify update check interval/disable update check completely
+ (movie, TV show) added the ability to copy renamer token into the clipboard (CTRL C, right click)
+ upgraded libmediainfo to 22.12
+ new implementation of the IMDB scraper (check scraper settings!)
+ added new IMDB trailer scraper (needs to be activated in the settings)
+ added a new renderer to process outputs from multiple renderers #1980 (http://bit.ly/3GYsbLk)
+ open context menu of movie/movie set/TV show lists via context menu key on the keyboard
x automatically close renamer preview if nothing needs to be renamed #1964
x do not store filters if they are not active #1961
x do not remove missing episodes with unset DVD S/E #1960
x (movie) create new editions when importing NFO files #1959
x (movie) reserve more space for the edition dropdown #1963
x (movie) added some more editions per default #1987
x (movie) enabled strict case comparison when creating new editions #1969
x improve episode detection to find them also in optional [brackets]
x (TV shows) fixed filtering for missing episode thumbs #1977
x able to exchange movies with same name in case of MMD
x fix parsing MediaSource on exchanged video files #1992
x remember all splitter locations #1966
x (movie) enhanced detection of movie titles when parsing the data source
x (AniDB) inform users when they are banned #1997
x (movie, TV show) set playcount and lastplayed along with watched state in the NFO #1983
x fixed deletion of filter presets when the warning has been disabled #2002
x added season name renamer token to the examples #1968
x provide release date as another date field for UI #1981
x added "Passed" and "Approved" to US certifications #2001
x fixed adding of new extrathumbs/extrafanarts #1996
x Fanart.tv switch url back to original
x IMDB: artworks should only be downscaled, but never upscaled - #1988
x added some validation to the aspect ratio detection #2016
x prevent UI lockups when writing NFO files is not possible

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