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Guide: How to install ZIUICancer on ZIDOO Z9X

Special thanks goes to COD-BOX.net. This guide is based on their french tutorial “Install ZIUI_CANCER 2.3.2 to ZIDOO Z9X“. The purpose of this guide is to show you, how to install ZIUICancer (the black Zidoo launcher) on a ZIDOO using ADB*. Prerequisite Connect to your Zidoo Player with adb replace 192.168.x.x by your Zidoo Player’s … Read more

Zidoo Guide

Guide: Access your Zidoo Player from Windows 10

At home I’ve two PCs running with Windows 10 20H2. One for working and gaming, the other as server. The working/gaming PC is succesfull connected to the Zidoo Z9S, the server is not.

In this short guide I’ll show you how I successfully connected my server to the Zidoo Z9S.

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OlivierQC’s opinion on the Zidoo Z9X

A special thanks to OlivierQC for giving me the permission to publish his content.

“A new thread to give my opinion on the new Zidoo Z9X, it will certainly be one of the best-selling models and we can already say that Zidoo keeps its lead and provides an excellent base and that it is going to be improve overtime.

This thread is also for those who do not know Zidoo devices and want to know more, I try to gather as much information as possible on these multimedia boxes which are recognized as excellent in addition to being the most innovative since a few years now.”

OlivierQC, Sep 7, 2020

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