Zidoo Guide

Guide: Access your Zidoo Player from Windows 10

At home I’ve two PCs running with Windows 10 20H2. One for working and gaming, the other as server. The working/gaming PC is succesfull connected to the Zidoo Z9S, the server is not.

In this short guide I’ll show you how I successfully connected my server to the Zidoo Z9S.

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Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to update OpenWRT and setup Network Shares

Download the latest version from jjm2473 RTD129X Openwrt 18.06 site and put the zip file as it is on a USB stick. I hope the images are mostly self explaining. navigate to QUICK SETTINGS / SETTING depending on your model choose the downloaded file from the USB stick press Update button after reboot open http://openwrt/cgi-bin/luci … Read more

Zidoo Player Specification Comparison Sheet

Model X8 X9S X10 Z9S Z10 X20 X20 Pro Z1000 UHD2000 Z9X Z10 Pro Z1000 Pro Material ABS Plastic case in Black Space Aluminium Space Aluminium Aluminum alloy case Aviation Aluminum alloy case Aviation Aluminum alloy case Space Aluminium Aviation Aluminum alloy case Aviation Aluminum alloy case Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy OSAndroid 6.0 … Read more