Zidoo Controller v1.10.47

The latest released version of the Zidoo Controller app is v1.10.21 from 2023-05-16. On the Zidoo server, I’ve found as latest version v1.10.47 from 2023-09-28 and 18 versions in between. I have no idea why Zidoo didn’t release any of them. It’s possible that none of them is working correctly.

I’ve leaked this APK from the Zidoo server. It has not been official released. I’m posting this just for informational reasons.

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Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to root your RTD1619DR based Zidoo player

The purpose of this guide is to show you, how to root your RTD1619DR based Zidoo player. To modify the system partition of your Zidoo player, it has to be rooted. Special thanks go to pcristi for sharing this. As always, use it at your own risk! Requires: – Windows PC to run the batch … Read more

Zidoo Controller v1.10.21-BL

A modded version of Zidoo Controller v1.10.21 has been released. Special thanks go to the author runels. Since I like the alternative look, I would like to share it with you.

Special thanks go to pavlin67 for posting it on the Zidoo forum.

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