Zidoo Home Theater v4.2.66 – McBluna.net

I’ve created a modded APK for the RTD1296 based devices.

Successfully tested on the McBluna.net Testbed

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McBluna.net preferred seller zidoo.de


v4.2.65 – McBluna.net


SHA-256 checksum file*



OneDrive Download

As always, use it at your own risk!

Zidoo Home Theater v4.2.65 – McBluna.net
1. Optimized language settings function.
2. Fixed the matching of multiple series and animations.
3. Improved actor matching accuracy.
4. Fixed the issue of occasionally not being able to retrieve the actor list.
5. Optimized TV series matching function.

In case it’s the first time you want to install McBluna.net modded Home Theater APK, you’ve to uninstall Zidoo’s Home Theater first. For RTD1296 based Zidoo player, please read the guide “How to uninstall a system application” first.

Copy the downloaded APK to Zidoo’s Download folder or a USB stick. Open Media Center and select the APK to install.

For any reason, the permissions are not set for my modded APKs. Please keep in mind that you’ve to repeat this procedure each time you delete the application data or press the CLEAR button on the Settings/Library page in Home Theater.

I recommend assigning the System Settings to one of the colored buttons on your remote control for quick access.

Go to System ➛ Settings ➛ Apps

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