Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to create screenshots on your Zidoo Player

This guide is intended to show you how to create screenshots on your Zidoo Player. In case you want to post eg a support question in the Zidoo Forum usually it make sense to add a screenshot of your settings. To take a picture with your mobile is one way but there’s a build in … Read more

Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to verify integrity of Zidoo Firmware file

This guide describes how to verify the integrity of a Zidoo Firmware file by checking the MD5/SHA-256 checksum file. After downloading a Zidoo Firmware file you are advised to verify the MD5/SHA-256 checksum. Eg: Posting from Zidoo forum or from my site Btw the OneDrive Direct Links are provided for better download speed. The files … Read more

Zidoo Guide

Guide: How to backup your Home Theater data

After seeing the question regarding “how to create a backup of my Home Theater data” repeatedly on the Zidoo Forum I’ve decided to write a guide. Preparation Open Home Theater and go to Settings – Poster Directory. These are my recommended settings for the poster image save directory Make sure you’ve Google Apps installed or … Read more


Zidoo Z10 Firmware Download

Quick Navigation: Version v2.2.82 Build Date 2019-07-12 MD5/SHA-256checksum file* Official Download Alternative Download System 1. Fix the problem that Google Play cannot log in (should reinstall Google Play after upgrading). 2. Add rec. 2020 mode for HDR to SDR transfer. 3. Optimize WIFI connectivity rate and stability. Fixed Player exception caused by NAS occasional disconnection … Read more