Guide: How to install ZIUICancer on ZIDOO Z9X

Special thanks goes to This guide is based on their french tutorial “Install ZIUI_CANCER 2.3.2 to ZIDOO Z9X“.

The purpose of this guide is to show you, how to install ZIUICancer (the black Zidoo launcher) on a ZIDOO Z9X using ADB*.


  1. a ZIDOO Z9X to play around with (follow the guide on your own risk)
  2. download the latest Android SDK Platform-Tools for the platform of your choice
  3. extract downloaded Android SDK Platform-Tools archive to your local machine
  4. download 7-Zip file zidoo_ui_2.4.1.7z
  5. extract zidoo_ui_2.4.1.7z with path into folder platform-tools

Enable debugging on ZIDOO Z9S (I don’t own a Z9X but the procedure should be pretty much the same on any other Zidoo Player)

Goto Settings -> About TV box -> Build number

You have to click 7 times on the Build number to enable Developer Options in Android

Connect to your Zidoo Player with adb

replace 192.168.x.x by your Zidoo Player’s IP-Adress

adb connect 192.168.x.x:5555
adb root
adb connect 192.168.x.x:5555
adb remount
adb push system /
adb reboot 

Remember to allow USB debugging when this popup appears on your Zidoo Player

After the command adb reboot your ZIDOO Player will restart to apply the changes.

This is how it look like on my Zidoo Z9S

Change default Home app

Goto Settings -> Apps

Select the gear icon

Select the Home app of your choice

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