Test Environment

Special thanks goes to Didier from France and zococity.es.

I own now a X9S, Z9S and Z9X to cover the full range for testing my modded APKs and my Home Theater DB Tool.

Update 2021-07-03: I’ve added a 4 Port HDMI/USB switch to my setup.

I’ve to improve my cable management…

3 thoughts on “Test Environment”

  1. Dear friend. I have the 4 ones too. So if you need help testing send me a PM.

    Zidoo X6 PRO Rockchip 3368
    Zidoo X9S RTD1295
    Zidoo Z9S RTD1296DD
    Zidoo Z9X RTD1619D


    • Thank you for your kind offer, I’ll come back to you.
      I’ve a question regarding your setup. What location for the Poster Folder (.HomeTheater) did you choose on your Players?

      Home Theater - Settings - Poster Folder

  2. Hello friend. I do not use .HomeTheater yet. First reason because i have 9 HDD and normally all HDD are offline. I only connect hdd on the moment we need to see a film with the familly. For your information i have the movies on 1 folder, for instance FICTION and inside
    name1.mkv, name1.jpg
    name2.mkv, name4.jpg
    name3.mkv, name3.jpg
    In my case, i do not know what to choose for .HomeTheater player. What do you recoment me?

    I use
    70%time PLEX for my personal media (personal films, and FLAC music)
    15%time MusicPlayer
    10%time HDD
    5%time youtube / online streaming content.

    best regards

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