Command backup

The purpose of command backup is to create a Home Theater backup archive (ztb) and an optional backup of the Home Theater poster directory

Command excel

The purpose of command excel is to export the Home Theater database to Excel -tableStyle is to change the Excel table style-workbookUri is the output location of the Excel file #1 auto mode -autoBackupUri has to point to the root of the user partition of your Zidoo Player where e.g. folder Download is located-zidooHostname is … Read more

Command restore

The purpose of command restore is to restore a Home Theater backup archive (ztb) and optional restore the Home Theater poster directory

Command nfo

The purpose of command nfo is to transfer data from nfo files into the Home Theater database -deviceId get the id of the device you want to update from tab DEVICE_INFO column _id -sourceId get the id of the source you want to update from tab SOURCE_INFO column _id -nasUri is the location for the … Read more

Memory usage

In case you experience an exception regarding memory usage you can decrease or increase the setting yourself by editing the command script.

Enabling ANSI colors in Windows

By default McBluna’s Home Theater DB Tool uses ANSI colors* for output. To disable ANSI colors please edit the cmd or shell file and remove -Dpicocli.ansi=true. To use ANSI colors in the Windows cmd requires setting VirtualTerminalLevel via registry editor [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console]”VirtualTerminalLevel”=dword:00000001 Or you install Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store

How to start

Before you start you should have read my Guide How to backup your Home Theater data and the section Test Environment to get an idea what the tool is doing. For all database operations you need a backup file of your Home Theater library. Version 1.1.0 introduced an auto backup mode. Export to Excel Export … Read more