Zidoo Z20 Pro firmware v1.0.80(_G) (internal test version)

I’ve leaked this firmware from the Zidoo server. It has not been official released. I’m posting this just for informational reasons.

Versionv1.0.80_G (internal test version)
(Google-Apps preinstalled)
v1.0.80 (internal test version)
Build Date2024-02-012024-02-01
Official Downloadcrosscross
Alternative Downloadcrosscross
Z20 Pro v1.0.80(_G)
Based on v1.0.65
1. Optimized HDMI audio output.
2. Optimized abnormal display of video names in the playback interface.
3. Fixed occasional stuttering issues in individual videos.
4. Optimized HDR output mode.
5. Fixed occasional no output issue when starting playback.
6. Fixed occasional player crash when starting playback.
7. Optimized occasional subtitle display overlap issue.
8. Optimized multi-channel playback in the music player.
9. Optimized occasional failure to end scanning in the poster wall.
10. Optimized manual matching function in the poster wall.
11. Enhanced system stability.

Based on v1.0.60
1. Optimized occasional stuttering in audio degradation of specific videos.
2. Optimized the issue with incorrect chapter number display when switching chapters using the remote control shortcut keys.
3. Optimized the problem of a slightly gray background in some cropped video scenes.
4. Optimized the occasional issue of certain videos playing without sound.
5. Optimized occasional playback crashes in certain videos.
6. Optimized the metadata refresh function in the poster wall.
7. Enhanced playback stability.

Based on v1.0.52
1. Fixed the issue of screen flickering when playing certain x265 re-encoded DV sources in DV output.
2. Fixed the problem of normal audio but stuttering image in certain 4K clips during playback.
3. Fixed the issue of incorrect YUV output parameters in certain color settings modes.
4. Fixed the problem of inability to activate 3D mode when playing 3D content on certain laser TVs.
5. Fixed the issue of playback abnormalities when automatically switching to the next episode while playing Dolby Vision MP4 series on the poster wall.
6. Fixed the problem of bookmark playback lag when playing VC1 encoded 1080P content.
7. Fixed the problem of being unable to skip the ending credits in MKV series with chapters when the \"skip ending credits\" option is set on the poster wall.
8. Fixed the issue of having sound but no image when playing certain special video sources.
9. Fixed the problem of not retaining HDR settings when using custom EDID.
10. Modified the logic of VS10 to prioritize HDR output when connecting to HDR TVs to play DV+HDR content.
11. Fixed the issue of incorrect chapter display when using the remote control page-turning key to switch chapters.
12. Optimized the compatibility of playing built-in webvtt subtitles.
13. Optimized the issue of playback stuttering when playing Blu-ray with built-in super-stream subtitles.
14. Optimized the compatibility of playing certain DV single-track dual-layer x265 10bit sources.
15. Fixed the occasional issue of losing subtitles when playing certain MKV content with embedded subtitles.
16. Fixed the problem of occasional aspect ratio restoration to 16:9 after setting the aspect ratio to 2.35:1 and unplugging the HDMI cable.
17. Optimized the issue of incomplete file display in NTFS hard disk SMB sharing.
18. Optimized subtitle downloads.
19. Fixed the issue of no screen display when long-pressing the power button in screensaver mode.
20. Fixed the problem of occasional silent SPDIF output when HDMI output is turned off.
21. Fixed abnormal playback issues for some videos via USB or SATS hard drives.
22. Optimized audio source code output.
23. Optimized SMB sharing settings in system settings.
24. Added WiFi hotspot function in system settings.
25. Optimized the issue of automatic exit during video playback in certain cases.
26. Enhanced system stability.

Home Theater
1. Optimized language settings function.
2. Fixed the matching of multiple series and animations.
3. Improved actor matching accuracy.
4. Fixed the issue of occasionally not being able to retrieve the actor list.
5. Optimized TV series matching function.

File Manager
1. Fixed the issue of favorite folders displaying hidden files.

Music Player
1. Optimized lyrics search function.
2. Optimized EMBY playback function.
3. Optimized multi-channel music playback.
4. Enhanced playback stability.
APKs as 7-Zip archiveAPK DownloadAPK Download
SHA-256 checksum file*SHA256SHA256
Z20 Pro v1.0.80(_G)
APK NameApplication NamePackage NameVersion
zidoo_autoplay.apkVideo launch playercom.zidoo.cycleplay1.0.8
zidoo_ble.apkBluetooth Remotecom.zidoo.bluetooth1.3.2
zidoo_control.apkControl Centercom.zidoo.control.center1.9.2
zidoo_file.apkMedia Centercom.zidoo.fileexplorer3.9.41
zidoo_music.apkMusic Player 7.0com.zidoo.audioplayer7.1.15
zidoo_phone_controller_ui.apkZD Linkcom.zidoo.phone.controller.service1.2.3
zidoo_poster.apkHome Theater 4.0com.zidoo.poster4.2.69
zidoo_shortcut.apkShortCut keyscom.zidoo.shortcut.key1.5.6
zidoo_ui_ziui5.apkZIUI Coolcom.zidoo.ziui51.9.14
Z20 Pro v1.0.80(_G)

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  1. It’s really unfortunate that we’ve already gone through several fireware versions without a stable version. They only reached alpha and beta levels. Only one authentic stable version has been published, and not all functions of the device work with it.

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