Zidoo NEO Alpha stable firmware v6.7.42

There is no download page for Zidoo NEO Alpha but I guess the former beta firmware v6.7.42 has also changed to stable.


As always, use it at your own risk!

Zidoo NEO Alpha Firmware Download

Since v6.4.35
1. Optimized the black level details for Dolby Vision native output.
2. Added prompt for USB external audio connection.
3. Added Delete and Resolution keys for RS232.
4. Optimized VS10 engine related strategy.

Video Player
1. Fixed the problem that SMB playback issue in ZDMC.
2. Distinguish simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese subtitles for MKV movies.
3. Show fanart function by default

Home Theater
1. Fixed the problem that the director cannot be edited and modified through the browser.
2. Fixed the problem that the actors pictures cannot be displayed occasionally.
3. Fixed occasional errors when scanning.

Music Player
1. Optimized occasional crash issue when scanning files.
2. Fixed incorrect number of songs in song list interface.
3. Fixed incorrect information for USB audio DOP output.

Since v6.4.28
1. Fixed Poster Wall crash occasionally issue.
2. Fixed the problem that ZDMC can't play video through NFS or SMB.
3. Fixed the problem that some DV movies display abnormal color occasionally.
4. Fixed the occasional crash problem when searching in Music Player.
5. Optimized the sorting function for songs and albums in the Music Player.
6. Optimized playlist-adding function in Music Player.
7. Optimized VS10 engine DV to HDR/SDR brightness mapping to improve the picture quality(P4,P7,P8; Yes, the PQ is much better).
8. When HDR is set to Auto on the HDR display devices, Profile 8 films with HDR10 compatible layer will output HDR10 in priority.

Since v6.4.20
1. Fixed the occasional black screen issue for some online videos when HDR setting is Dolby Vision VS10 Engine (for all content).
2. Optimized the clock display on the front panel for some online videos.
3. Optimized HDR10+ Metadata for some movies.

Home Theater
1. Fixed the problem that the widget 2 cannot back up.
2. Optimized trailer data acquisition.
3. Optimized picture loading function for widgets.
4. Optimized the TV series rematching function.
5. Fixed the abnormal data on movies details interface.
6. Added multi languages for TVDB.
7. Optimized the ClearLogo picture loading.
8. Optimized NFO parsing for TV series data.
9. Optimized the pictures loading for TV series.

Video Player
1. Optimized the display of video formats.
2. Optimized the blurry screen problem for some films with PGS subtitles.
3. Optimized online HTTPS video playback.
4. Added fanart when films start playing.
5. Optimized the problem of abnormal automatic frame rate of individual videos.
6. Optimized the frame rate acquisition error of individual videos
7. Optimized some HDR10+ video Metadata.
8. Fixed abnormal display problem of some custom fonts.

Music Player
1. Added the support of 176.4KHz multi-channel PCM output for DSD multi-channel.
2. Added DSD512 decoding.
3. Fixed the stuttering problem for some music files.
4. Optimize the decoding sample rate display error
5. Optimized the stability of DSD decoding output.
6. Fixed the occasional crash problem when rematching.
7. Optimized SACD audio matching accuracy.
8. Optimized the problem that some whole track music cannot be displayed.
9. Added CUE prompt icon for music lists.
10. Optimized UI interface.
11. Added the function to filter tracks by albums and artists on all music interfaces.
12. Optimized playback stability.

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