McBluna’s Home Theater DB Tool v3.4.1

I’ve released a new version of my Home Theater DB Tool.

– updated database library hibernate 6.1.5.Final ➛ 6.1.6.Final
– updated database library sqlite-jdbc ➛
– updated data binding library jackson 2.13.3 ➛ 2.14.1
– updated data formating library jackson 2.13.3 ➛ 2.14.1

see McBluna’s Home Theater DB Tool Download & Changelog and Forum

1 thought on “McBluna’s Home Theater DB Tool v3.4.1”

  1. Is your tool still “essential” to have a quality scraping with the latest version of HomeTheater ? I see that many people on the Zidoo forum are now happy. I would like to have your expert opinion.

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