Zidoo Z9X beta firmware v6.4.60(_G)

Zidoo released a new beta firmware for their model Zidoo Z9X.


As always, use it at your own risk!

Zidoo Z9X Firmware Download

1. Added hourly chime function
2. Added PCM multichannel for Roon playback
3. Added more system languages
4. Fixed the problem that some movies don't display subtitles and tracks
5. Fixed incorrect frame rate display for some movies 
6. Fixed occasional problem that weather data is not available
7. Fix the stability of the system

Music Player
1. Fixed the incomplete display of music files when browsing music through folders
2. Optimized UPNP music playback function
3. Fixed the problem that music cannot be added into Favorites when playing through folders
4. Optimized the auto-play function when booting
5. Optimized CUE file parsing
6. Optimized garbled code issue of some music information
7. Optimized the stability of online songs playback
8. Fixed the problem that scanned songs cannot be added into Favorites when played through the Media Center.
9. Fixed the problem that songs are not displayed in the Favorites interface occasionally
10. Fixed the problem of incorrect display for song list when entering the device list
11. Fixed the problem that the play queue is not saved occasionally
12. Optimized the song list adding function
13. Optimized playback stability

Home Theater
1. Optimized local trailer playback
2. Fixed the problem that local trailers cannot be switched to the next one manually 
3. Fixed the problem that the categories are occasionally displayed repeatedly on home screen
4. Optimized network search for posters when there is no poster address in NFO
5. Optimized NFO TV series matching
6. Added the function to delete cache file in memory when clearing data in settings
7. Modified Youtube trailer failure issue
8. Modified the function of sorting actor-related movies by year
9. Added function to refresh metadata for movies and seasons 
10. Added separate NFO scanning settings
11. Optimized local image matching for TV series
12. Fixed the occasional problem of not being able to manually change the poster
13. New Web interface and system for Poster Wall

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