Zidoo Z9X beta firmware v6.4.40(_G)

Zidoo released a new beta firmware for their model Zidoo Z9X.


As always, use it at your own risk!

Zidoo Z9X Firmware Download

Since v6.4.35
1. Optimized the black level details for Dolby Vision native output.
2. Added prompt for USB external audio connection.
3. Added Delete and Resolution keys for RS232.
4. Optimized VS10 engine related strategy.

Video player
1. Fixed the problem that SMB playback issue in ZDMC.
2. Distinguish simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese subtitles for MKV movies.
3. Show fanart function by default

Home Theater
1. Fixed the problem that the director cannot be edited and modified through the browser.
2. Fixed the problem that the actors pictures cannot be displayed occasionally.
3. Fixed occasional errors when scanning.

Music Player
1. Optimized occasional crash issue when scanning files.
2. Fixed incorrect number of songs in song list interface.
3. Fixed incorrect information for USB audio DOP output.

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