Zidoo Z9X Beta Firmware v6.0.35_G and v6.0.35

Zidoo released new beta firmware for their model Zidoo Z9X.

ModelZidoo Z9X
Versionv6.0.35_G beta (Google-Apps preinstalled)
Build Date2020-09-03
checksum file*

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ModelZidoo Z9X
Version numberv6.0.35 beta
Upgrade methodOTA
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APKs as 7zipped bundle
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APK NameApplication NamePackage NameVersion
zidoo_ble.apkBluetooth Remotecom.zidoo.bluetooth1.2.6
zidoo_control.apkControl Centercom.zidoo.control.center1.6.7
zidoo_file.apkMedia Centercom.zidoo.fileexplorer3.8.1
zidoo_hdmi.apkHDMI INcom.zidoo.rtk.hdmi3.6.1
zidoo_music.apkMusic Player 5.0com.zidoo.audioplayer6.7.1
zidoo_poster.apkHome Theater 3.0com.zidoo.poster4.0.8
zidoo_quick_settings.apkQuick Settingscom.android.quick.settings2.1.6
zidoo_shortcut.apkShortCut keyscom.zidoo.shortcut.key1.4.3
zidoo_ui_ziui5.apkZIUI Coolcom.zidoo.ziui51.9.7
zidoo_wizrd.apkSetup wizardcom.zidoo.setupwizard1.2.7


1. Fix the no sound output problem for the AV output when video cable is not connected.
2. Fix the problem that some online videos are not playing smoothly.
3. Add Samba service functionality.
4. Fix the problem that DLNA cannot cast screen after entering the screensaver.
5. Fix the problem that the sound of some videos delay appears after fast-forward.
6. Add support for aiff music files.
7. Optimize the connection of the Bluetooth remote control.
8. Fix the problem that occasionally cannot be shut down.
9. Optimize the long key function of the remote control.
10. Fix the problem that some U disks cannot be recognized correctly.
11. Optimize the screen saver function.
12. Fix the problem that Mango TV prompts the device to be rooted.
13. ZDMC Adaptation.
14. Add supporting of IQiyi output raw sound.
15. Optimize the HDMI IN display.
16. Fix the problem of incorrect free space when copying by Samba.
17. Fix the problem that some mobile apps display in portrait mode.
18. Fix the problem that no HDR output when playing HDR videos with some projector.
19. Add the Czech language adaptation.

Video Player
1. Fix the issue that chapters cannot be switched.
2. Fix the problem of pressing the function key to continue playing during pause.
3. Optimize subtitle download
4. Add press the information button to display poster information.
5. Optimize the forced subtitle function.
6. Fix the problem that SMB videos cannot be played through ZDMC.
7. Fix the problem that some TVs cannot play in 3D automatically.
8. Add HDR 12 bits support.
9. Fix the flickering problem of some DV movies.
10. Fix the problem that there is no 3D effect when playing MKV 3D movies.
11. Optimize poster information display of player.
12. Fix the problem that some DV movies cannot be played.

Image Player
1. New feature revision.
2. Add custom folder function.
3. Add the function of setting the folder as a screen saver picture.
4. Optimize the slideshow function.
5. Fix the problem that the vertical picture is stretched in the slide show.
6. Add the function of exclude folder.

Home Theater
1. Update to version 4.0
2. Optimize the sorting function of the navigation interface.
3. Fix the problem that Douban cannot match
4. Fix the problem that child lock will be ignored when playing directly.
5. Fix the problem of incorrect data after sorting widgets.
6. Optimize the ratio of local trailers.
7. Optimize sorting function.
8. Optimize the details interface.
9. Fix the problem of incorrect TV viewing history.
10. Fix the problem that the detailed title is too long.
11. Fix the problem that the letter navigation and the prompt picture on the left side appear at the same time when display in list mode.
12. Optimize TV series matching.

1. Add Samba service switch.
2. Optimize color settings.
3. Add Deep Color compatibility mode.
4. Add input method selection settings.

Media Center
1. Optimize the playback history display.
2. Added playback history display switch.

Bluray Navigation
1. Add function to display movie information when press information key.
2. Fix the problem of not being able to navigate after entering the screensaver.

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  1. Hi!
    Very good staff!
    Just for you know, with the X8 I have, I could use my “option” button on my tv remote. Now, this fonction dos not work. Is it normal for the Z9X?
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