Zidoo Z10 Pro beta firmware v6.3.92(_G)

Zidoo released a new beta firmware for their model Zidoo Z10 Pro.

Z10 Pro_v6.3.92(_G)_2022-03-30

As always, use it at your own risk!

Zidoo Z10 Pro Firmware Download

Since 6.3.88
1. Optimized CEC function.
2. Fixed the problem that the slideshow of Image Player exits occasionally.
3. Optimized favorite scene bookmark in digital signage mode.
4. Fixed the problem that Ethernet light cannot be turned off occasionally after restarting.

Theater Wall
1. Fixed abnormal data problem when scanning episodes.
2. Fixed the abnormal data problem for individual languages.
3. Optimized occasional crash problem when scanning.

Music Player
1. Fixed no genre displaying issue.
2. Fixed the problem that some CUE multi-channel music is discontinuous.
3. Optimized the scanning speed.
4. Optimized playback stability.

Video Player
1. Fixed the crash problem individual videos after seek.
2. Optimized subtitle download function.
3. Added MKV internal ASS special effect subtitle.
4. Optimized the problem that the external ASS occasionally freezes and the transparency is displayed incorrectly.
5. Optimized the display of subtitle list.
6. Optimized the display of online video information.
7. Optimized playback stability.

Since 6.3.75
1. Fixed the problem of incorrect time acquisition for individual users
2. Fixed the problem that Google service stops running for individual users
3. Fixed the problem that some videos cannot be played
4. Optimized system stability

Home Theater
1. Optimized collection function
2. Added separate scanning function for movies and TV series
3. Added languages translation
4. Fixed the failure problem when exporting collection images
5. Optimized occasional crash issue when there are too many movies
6. Optimized scanning stability

File Manager
1. Added WebDAV protocol
2. Added Baidu cloud list
3. Fixed the display of some user interface
4. Optimized NFS and SMB scanning

Image Player
1. Added network picture slideshow function
2. Optimized loading errors for some images
3. Fixed the problem that some non-image files are scanned
4. Optimized scanning stability

Music Player
1. Added online music playlist
2. Optimized unsupported format prompt
3. Optimized the display of the songs numbers
4. Optimized the acquisition of online song information
5. Optimized playback stability

Quick Settings
1. Optimized the audio down-mix switch
2. Added the display of wired network speed
3. Added timed playback for auto-play function

Video Player
1. Fixed the problem that some videos cannot be played
2. Added the function to play online videos in playlist order
3. Add subtitle download function for online videos
4. Optimized the function of auto-play videos
5. Added the function to zoom ASS subtitles below 1.0
6. Optimized shortcut keys for play mode
7. Optimized HTTPS address playback
8. Optimized playback stability

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