RTD1619DR based Zidoo Players, Dolby Vision and LG TVs

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I gathered the information regarding issues with Dolby Vision and LG TVs from the Zidoo forum.

Latest Update

  • 2020-10-31: LG OLED C9 firmware v05.00.03. Open LG – Select your region. On the landing page of your choosen language goto support and search for your C9 model.

Different LG owners at Zidoo forum have posted the problem with Dolby Vision not working together with their LG TVs.

Hi, can anyone who experienced the constant black re-synch problem with this chipset and LG tv’s when outputting Dolby Vision, VS10 or LLDV at 4K 23.976 hz please post here, yet another firmware today and no fix, it has been a day one problem and begs the question exactly which ‘top rated’ Dolby Vision sets this box has been tested with?

@mirror, can you confirm Zidoo is actively working on a fix for this problem? Seems like tumbleweed every time it is mentioned.

If your box can’t work with my multi award winning TV I will have to send it back for refund. Sorry futeko, I know it isn’t your fault but at the moment it is a waste of my money.

DaMacFunkin, Sep 26, 2020

I have the same issue, dolby vision logo appears as usual, then black re-sync dolby vision logo appears again, more re-syncs, just installed this new update today and still not working. I’m assuming it will be fixed eventually otherwise the box would have gone back already.

rigip, Sep 26, 2020

Ok when i use LLDV or VS10 @23.9FPS ON A 4K HDR video, I’m also getting short black screens (resync). When i deactivate the frame rate switch and play the 4K HDR videos @60fps, these short black screens are gone and everything works fine. When I use the LLDV (OR VS10) ON A 1080P Video everything works without black screens, on 60 and also on 23,9fps So these black screens only occur when I use LLDV or VS10 when i activate it on 4k Videos @23,9fps. 4k Videos @60hz and 1080p Videos @60 and @23,9hz work. So these guys that are saying it works, can you please test it with set the frame rate switch in the playback options to “Frame-Rate And Resolution” on. And test it with a 4k hdr movie? And yes I have changed my hdmi cable, I used a new hdmi 2.1 cable, and also the one that is included in the box of the z9x. Please fix this, I can’t use LLDV since day one, it only works when I play my 4k hdr movies @60fps My tv is also a LG c9

DennisTheMenace, Sep 27, 2020

OK, We’re going to buy a LG C9, and take a look what happens.

mirror, Oct 10, 2020

mirror, Oct 13, 2020

We have communicated with dolby. At the same time, dolby and LG engineers also communicated, they confirmed that this is a bug due to LG. And dolby does not recommend us to make compatibility modification to this problem, because it will destroy the compatibility of the HDMI protocol. Anyway, Before LG fix this problems, we will see if there are any temporary ways to solve it

mirror, Oct 13, 2020

Today, I installed the latest firmware for the LG C9 (v05.00.03), which is available here for all ATSC region (U.S., Canada, South Korea, Mexico) C9 TVs via USB update, and am pleased to say it fixes this issue. No more flashing blank screens at 23.976Hz when playing back Dolby Vision mkv files, or when using the VS10 engine.

jwort93, Oct 24, 2020

Just came across this thread. I’m in Southeast Asia, received a firmware update to 5.00.03 for my LG C9 yesterday. All resync issue with DV at 23.976 Hz is now completely fixed.

ammar11, Oct 30, 2020

We have received further suggestions from Dolby that LG will release an update to solve this problem. Before that, zidoo will release an update compatible with LG’s older models

mirror, Oct 30, 2020

UK C9 firmware v05.00.03 is now available for manual download and installation from the LG UK website: https://www.lg.com/uk/support/software-firmware

jwort93, Oct 31, 2020

3 thoughts on “RTD1619DR based Zidoo Players, Dolby Vision and LG TVs”

  1. So…. I update my C9 with 05.00.03 firmware,after that update zidoo z9x with 46G version ,and tested Black Panther DV mkv….
    When auto frame and reso is turn on and resolution is 4k 60hz or 4k 23hz the problems is the same….after 5 min the problems begin.
    When turn of auto frame and reso and tested again ot 4k 60hz or 4k 23hz the problem is here again…
    Please tell me where i wrong ….. I have 10 DV movies Fel and Mel and i will test again with them but i dont expect changes…

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