What’s going on Zidoo?

I guess you’re bored seeing the same Plex and stuff updates every visit. Actually, I’m also bored posting it.

The last Zidoo related post is 3 months back and latest firmware release is 5 months back. I’ve no idea when we can expect something new from Zidoo. If you know something, please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “What’s going on Zidoo?”

  1. Unfortunately it is what it is…
    I am also disgusted and disappointed that Zidoo has stopped .. I did not buy equipment for this – expensive equipment so that the firmware would be underdeveloped …
    I won’t make that mistake a second time.

  2. The latest Kodi update makes Zidoo devices useless for Dolby Vision and HD Audio. Everything works perfectly (amazing) now on my Shield devices (2017/2019). The only thing still nice about Zidoo is HDR -> SDR for projectors.

  3. I am sorry for you and this site. Zidoo is not at all serious about updates. I own a Z10 and no update, even security, is released for several months / years. It’s a shame considering the price of the hardware. I am like Eleonor, I will never buy Zidoo products again.

    I used to have a DVICO TVIX and was perfectly happy with it, but updates have become increasingly rare and fan blogs have closed down as time goes by.

    In any case, a big thank you for your excellent site that I will continue to consult.

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