tinyMediaManager v5.0 – NIGHTLY

tinyMediaManager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and macOS (and possible more OS).



v5.0 – NIGHTLY

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tinyMediaManager v5.0 – NIGHTLY
 * πŸ› displaying of year/season/episodes in the TV show table

 * ✨ allow to hide unchanged files in the renamer previews
 * ✨ added scope for updating single TV shows to the HTTP API
 * πŸ› added one missing event handler
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [episodegroups] add logging on change
 * πŸ”₯ removed unused code
 * πŸ› do not suppress tmm.noupdate
 * 🩹 do not try to use mediainfo when it has not been loaded
 * ♿️ also run update checks on docker and long running instances

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [logs] use ZIP for analysis log files, as 7zip did not create dirs
 * ♿️ [update] always do an update check...
 * 🍻 wrong file committed
 * πŸ› [mediainfo] fix creation of -mediainfo.xml with special characters

 * πŸ’„ aligned right icons centered in toolbar
 * πŸ’„ nicer alignment of the popup menus in the left sidebar
 * πŸ’„ re-aligned many columns in the tables
 * πŸ’„ moved menus back to the toolbar panel
 * 🌐 [ui languages] rework due to "old style" with langu_country
 * πŸ’„ added some alternate font sizes (mainly low, odd numbers)
 * πŸ› display three dot menu for macOS too

 * πŸ‘· run unit tests against Java 17 & 21
 * ✨ [renamer] added trailer.ext renaming format
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [utils] method to get all translations for a key as list...
 * 🌐 [Chinese] rework language drop-downs to list simplified/traditional
 * πŸ› fix sorting and displaying only MB
 * πŸ› also write the setting for file size displaying
 * ♿️ added a setting to format the display of the file size

 * 🌐 [wizard] fix language combobox
 * πŸš‘οΈ do not delete original media file in FFmpeg cleanup! πŸš‘οΈ
 * πŸ’„ added a second icon to differentiate between new TV show and new episode
 * πŸ’„ reworked navigation of main modules
 * πŸ”₯ removed unneeded fetch TMDB id button

 * 🌐 removed unused localization

 * 🎨 removed unneeded code
 * 🩹 update movie set ID immediately
 * ♿️ show popup message in relation to the caller
 * πŸ› reading of displayseason/displayepisode from old NFO

 * πŸ› throw an exception on host not found
 * πŸ› do not allow hiding of the tree node

 * ✨ [tv matching] action to match uncategorized EPs by title
 * πŸ› [medialanguages] fix events/read/write
 * 🌐 [medialanguages] remove, and use locale UI and NFO writing
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [eclipse] fix project setup

 * ♿️ [episodegroups] prefer EG season name over generic one
 * Revert "πŸ”Š [uds] log parsed movie title"
 * πŸ”Š [uds] log parsed movie title
 * πŸ› re-allow mixing of different scrapers for episodes
 * βœ… [extras] fix tests for changed logic
 * πŸ› [extras] fixed renaming of extra MFs

 * 🩹 FFmpeg: cleanup created stills after 10min
 * πŸ› fixed "no language" tag for artwork downloads
 * πŸ› do not use FFmpeg on automatic artwork downloading
 * ♿️ [imdb] improve release date; make flag work again
 * πŸ› only hide metadata scraper on scraping episodes

 * ✨ show hints for new users

 * πŸ› prevent from scraping episodes only when TV show has not been scraped yet
 * πŸ’„ run wizard before building main window
 * πŸ’„ remove bad fractional scaling

 * ⬆️ updated launcher to 5.0.3
 * ✨ added an own setting to set "-Dsun.java2d.d3d=false"

 * πŸ› cleanup of season file naming
 * ⬆️ upgraded launcher to 5.0.2
 * πŸ› save settings after closing the settings dialog
 * ⬆️ upgraded license
 * 🌐 [language] workaround for untranslated HK being traditional
 * 🌐 [language] Genre translation did not work with country...
 * πŸ› [renamer] fix previews, making clones
 * πŸ› [stacking] UDS must evaluate stacking of more files...

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [settings] also add default scrapers when deleting jsons selective
 * πŸ› [settings] TV settings override default entries wrong
 * πŸ› [renamer] fix preview (path) of -1/-1 episodes
 * πŸ‘” [TMDB] do not add episodeGroups w/o episodes
 * πŸ”Š [startup] log dummy episodes amount

 * ⚑️ some fixes for pure performance
 * ⚑️ added caching for "main" episode number lookup
 * πŸ› (TV shows) upgrading of dummy episodes
 * ✨ added an alternate API server for TMDB (api.tmdb.org)
 * ⚑️ faster language detection

 * :speech_balloon: updated changelog
 * :sparkles: added ImdbId, TmdbId and TraktId Filter for movies
 * 🌐 wording

 * πŸ› fixed detection of widescreen 576p

 * πŸ› also copy launcher-extra.yml when importing old data
 * πŸ”‡ [http] logging
 * πŸ“ [javadoc] naming
 * πŸ› [uds] fix loading season-specials.nfo

 * ⬆️ updated license module
 * ✨ allow UMASK to be set in the docker container

 * πŸ”₯ removed css in svg
 * ⬆️ upgrade to Java 21.0.1

 * ✨ (Jellyfin) added backdrop naming for fanart
 * πŸ› (imdb) also store original image

 * added: number of channels to audio column (tv shows)
 * πŸ› (imdb) do not upscale artwork
 * πŸ› enhanced updating of episodes in the tree
 * πŸ› reorder removing items
 * πŸ‘· removed unneeded maven settings
 * πŸ’š fix CI build

 * πŸ’š fix CI build

 * πŸ› adding missing episodes on the fly

 * 🍻 [http] headers are always handled lowercase (as spec)
 * ⚑️ [imdb] use/fix http cache for episodeList
 * ♻️ [http] remove duplicate code
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [upgrade] remove old V4 upgrade tasks
 * ♻️ [IDs] refactor Constants.IDs to MediaMetadata.IDs
 * ♿️ [imdb] fallback runtime parsing
 * πŸ”Š [omdb] improve logging on rating errors
 * 🎨 [tmdb] unify ExternalIDs handling/parsing

 * added: artwork size filters for missing types (tv shows)

 * 🚸 improve reloading of NFO files
 * πŸ’₯ completely reworked episode groups. Reimport of TV show libraries needed
 * ⚑️ [tvdb] fix API response caching (and update okhttp)
 * πŸ”‡ [http] improve cache logging, do not always overwrite cache-headers!

 * πŸ› some fixes for movie set artwork
 * ⚑️ optimized threading
 * added: artwork size filters for missing types
 * πŸ’š removed jtidy from code too
 * removed jtidy
 * ⬆️ upgraded miglayout to 11.2
 * ⬆️ upgraded launcher
 * ⬆️ upgraded FlatLaf to 3.2.5
 * πŸ“ changelog

 * πŸ”‡ [http] reduce http logging, and log cache hits
 * 🎨 [tvdb] unify remoteId collecting

 * πŸ› re-calculate size order for FFMpeg generated artwork
 * πŸ› re-write NFO after new artwork has been set

 * πŸ’„ better layout of the artwork pane in the editors
 * ✨ added original title of episodes to the universal scraper

 * ⬆️ upgraded FlatLaf to 3.2.2
 * πŸ› prevent moving window/dialog out of the screen
 * πŸ› do not re-download all extrathumbs/extrafanarts
 * ♿️ remove the locked message for scraping new items
 * ♿️ [nfo] read/write hdrType from/to Kodi NFO

 * πŸ› fix NPE
 * ♻️ refactor artwork scraper infrastructure

 * 🍻 [editor] partial revert..
 * πŸ› [editor] fix cloning of TV episodes

 * ✨ added different thumb sizes for TV show/episode thumbs
 * πŸ› [KodiRPC] NPE; ignore movies with empty TMM datasource

 * ♿️ [trakt.tv] add score calculation to scraper
 * ⚑️ [trakt.tv] fixed search performance, TV poster on search

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» refactored editor dialogs (removed code duplicates)
 * πŸ› update artwork size after changing artwork in the editor

 * πŸ”₯ downloading different episode thumb sizes from imdb

 * added certification column (tv show)

 * ✨ prefer bigger episode thumbs
 * ✨ ported new artwork settings to TV shows
 * 🩹 fixed ordering of columns in the column chooser
 * 🚸 added default episode groups to other scrapers
 * βž– removed JAXB
 * πŸ› prevent NPE

 * ⬆️ [pom] Dependency updates!!!
 * πŸ”‡ [imdb] reduce log spam by checking for correct type
 * πŸ”Š [imdb] improve logging of missing paths

 * 🚸 propagate access denied errors to the UI
 * 🚸 propagate access denied errors to the UI

 * πŸ’š fixed deploying docker v5 nightly builds

 * πŸ› [mediainfo] only set stream title on external files!
 * πŸ› [mediasource] detect from basename, so a .ts ext is not TeleSync

 * 🚸 [edition] added "Criterion Collection" as known edition
 * πŸ‘· [build] remove DIST checksums
 * πŸ› prevent macOS self update from destroying the signature
 * πŸ› [mediainfo] rework language detection when having additional flags
 * πŸ‘· fix deployment
 * πŸ› [mediainfo] fix detecting stream title
 * πŸ› remove legacy LOGO artwork check
 * ✨ pre-select filters in the image chooser

 * 🌐 wording
 * 🩹 fix fallback urls
 * πŸ“ updated changelog
 * ⬆️ upgrade libmediainfo to 23.09
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» remove IDE errors
 * πŸ’š added missing deploy scripts
 * Mdblist

 * πŸ’š set env scope for mac build
 * 🩹 added an error message when downloading Apple Trailers

 * πŸ‘· prepare building of v5 (nightly/prerelease/release)

 * ⬆️ upgraded launcher to 5.0.0
 * 🩹 remove any leading/trailing spaces from user API keys

 * 🍻 revert: case already handled, so the && IS correct
 * ♿️ [update] fix update button disabling (and re-enable menu)

 * ♿️ show available updates for all users
 * πŸ”₯ remove unneeded upgrade task

 * ✨ Added HFR Logo if mediafile >= 48 fps
 * πŸ› do not check dummy seasons for artwork completeness
 * 🩹 finally remove TVDB API v3
 * πŸ’„ further enhancements for removing the flickering
 * 🚸 re-introduce tabbing in input fields
 * πŸ› (TMDB) handle a second aired order as alternate

 * ✨ Added Bulk Edit Option for "Date added"
 * ♿️ also export environment variables along with logs
 * πŸ› force loading of macOS app in UTF8

 * πŸ”₯ removed TVDB API v3 scraper
 * πŸ”₯ removed daves trailer page scraper

 * ✨ Added an option to write the movie set folder/artwork in Emby style

 * ⬆️ upgraded FlatLaf to 3.2.1

 * πŸ› (TMDB) use fallback language for seasons too
 * ✨ enhanced task queueing model
 * ✨ show source on season/episode level is it is unique over all EPs
 * 🎨 show the scraped runtime for TV shows
 * 🎨 code cleanup/NPE avoidance
 * ✨ added imdb rating column to the TV show table
 * πŸ› fixed sorting artwork for FFmpeg artwork provider

 * 🎨 fix plot formatting with line breaks

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» some things i've found in my stashes...
 * πŸ› fixed scraping of episode ids
 * πŸ› fixed scraping of episodes
 * πŸ’‘ added link reference
 * βœ… [renamer] fix unit test due to introduced changes
 * πŸ’„ remove some flickering while updating TV shows

 * βš—οΈ [renamer] keen to rename Disc EPs with invalid structure
 * :sparkles: Added "Locked" Filter for movies and tv shows
 * 🚸 [renamer] multi-EP, remove doubled space
 * πŸ”‡ [logging] remove excessive MF path replacements
 * πŸ’„ [renamer] multi-EP: do not add same title twice
 * 🚸  only write mediainfo.xml when having some a/v tracks
 * πŸ› TV UDS/renamer for disc files/folder completely messed up - part1
 * πŸ’„ [tv] assemble filename+extension only when having a extension
 * πŸ› [mediasource] also detect DVD files w/o structure as DVD
 * 🩹 do not overwrite UI settings after importing v4 settings
 * 🩹 sorting of FFmpeg stills

 * ♻️ added a DB version for better DB migrations
 * πŸ“¦οΈ package extracted files
 * πŸ› re-reading season NFO on import
 * 🩹 prevent NPE
 * πŸ”₯ removed unneeded code[2023-08-27]
 * πŸ› write real episode runtime to NFO

 * πŸ› fixed writing the right episode group
 * 🎨 also look for templates in the content folder
 * 🚸 show links/issue links in the update dialog too

 * 🚸 [ffmpeg] support stacked movies for generating previews
 * πŸ› [tasklist] do not a forced write of position settings
 * πŸ’„ [settings] always read window positions
 * ✏️ missed one typo to change

 * ✨ [universal] add season metadata to universal TV scraper
 * 🧐 [tvdb] also scrape season overview/names
 * πŸ› [season] show correct season overview, not show overview

 * 🚸 [ffmpeg] support stacked movies for generating previews.

 * ✨ added an action to reset the "new" flag
 * 🚚 [launcher] fixate launcher-extra.yml to contentFolder

 * πŸ› [season] fixed downloading of season artwork

 * 🎨 removed unneeded code

 * πŸ›  fixed HTTP 403 errors from YT
 * πŸ› fix youtube HTTP 403
 * πŸ› fix IOOBE
 * ⬆️ updated FlatLaf to 3.2

 * πŸ› do not load from userdir if /data is available
 * 🩹 do not calculate a year penalty if there is no year to compare with
 * 🚸 show processed file/path on UDS in task description
 * 🚸 [installer] also delete possible update dir

 * πŸ’„ [columns] add some more TV table list columns

 * πŸ› fix TvShow editor dialog always writing EP NFOs...
 * πŸ”Š [logging] log S/E numbers, not just E
 * βœ… [imdb] update ITs
 * 🌐 [intl] recognize regional month names in long style when parsing date
 * 🌐 [intl] recognize regional month names in long style when parsing date
 * ✨ [imdb] fix episode listing for new style

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [debug] able to dump episodes/seasons individually
 * 🚸 [mediainfo] add MI sidecar export file naming

 * πŸ› [intl] fix parsing sub languages, delimited with underscore
 * πŸ› [top250] fix merging errors, and clear out all non matched
 * πŸ‘· sign our jars
 * ✨ added action to fetch Top 250 numbers; add support for TvShows
 * 🚸 also scrape & identify episode guest stars
 * πŸ› also set episode in NFO to the chosen episode group
 * πŸ› fixed memoryy slider file access

 * πŸ§ͺ [test] test locale. why no zh-hant?!?
 * 🍻 damn, use lowercase
 * πŸ› [language] fix subtitle parsing language with subformat
 * 🚸 [detection] detect non-consecutive episodes in multi filenames
 * βœ… fix EpisodeGroup tests
 * 🚸 [bulk] added TV show status to bulk edit
 * ✏️ remove duplicate check
 * πŸ› several fixes for episode groups handling

 * πŸ› fixed column tooltip in tree tables
 * πŸ› fixed fallback for artwork
 * πŸ› added support for multiple HDR formats
 * πŸ› [filter] fix subtitle lang/codecs filter

 * πŸ› fixed check for season title/plot
 * πŸ› some enhancements for episode groups
 * ⬆️ license changes

 * πŸ› [subtitle] fix subtitle language filter
 * πŸ› fixed displaying missing season metadata checkmark
 * 🍻 [hdr] rename files
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [hdr] samples
 * 🚸 [filter] added EpisodeCount/SeasonCount filter
 * ♿️ [ui] install window position listener to TaskListDialog

 * πŸ› also copy over cache from the old installation
 * ✨ added mkvtoolnix compatible export templates
 * πŸ‘· linux: remove portable by default
 * πŸ‘· deploy to v5 sub domain

 * πŸ› [nfo] episode did not write any NFO file!!!

 * 🚸 subtitle handling rework
 * ✨ offer data upgrade from v4 to v5

 * πŸ”₯ unified logo and clearlogo usage
 * πŸ› prevent NPE in WBP
 * πŸ› fixed writing of NFO files to CaSe insensitive file systems
 * βœ… fixed test
 * added some changes from devel

 * ♿️ [uds] improve ID detection from file/folder name

 * 🚸 [CLI] autodetect windows size to not break at 80 cols - looks weird
 * πŸ“ version bump

 * ⬆️ license upgrade

 * 🎨 reworked trailer downloading
 * πŸ”Š excluded more unneeded folders & added file length
 * πŸ”Š include file listing from installation to bug report
 * πŸ› removed unneeded files from the new templates
 * 🩹 x only trigger Trakt.tv sync if there is anything to sync

 * βœ… committed wring file
 * 🚸 visually improved export dialog
 * 🚸 added new export templates
 * πŸ› fixed setting of artwork language
 * πŸ’„ Movie Picker template update

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [npe] fix shutdown if it has not been started

 * βœ… only write NFO on UDS is there is already a NFO
 * πŸ“ updated changelog
 * 🚸 re-added fallback to other artwork languages/resolutions
 * πŸ› re-write NFO after gathering mediainfo

 * 🍱 added a logo for HDR/Dolby Vision

 * πŸ› rewrote and unified subtitle download dialog
 * πŸ“ update copyright
 * 🚸 allow non locale language to be entered in subtitles/audio streams

 * πŸ› fixed syncing of audio-/subtitle streams in the MF editor
 * πŸ‘· restrict maximum amount of parallel unit tests (prevent OOM)
 * πŸ’š do not spawn too much unit tests - prevent OOM
 * πŸ‘· restrict memory for CI builds (only tests)
 * πŸ‘· restrict memory for CI builds
 * ✨ added support for opensubtitles.com
 * 🎨 code hardening: pass unmodifiable lists
 * πŸ› do not modify iterator while looping mover it
 * πŸ› also respect Trailer for trailer folders

 * 🍻 [MediaSource] back to ordering - but works locally?!?
 * 🍻 [MediaSource] do not walk below datasource
 * βœ… [MediaSource] do not walk below datasource
 * 🩹 [MediaSource] tweak detection, prefer whole path over different MediaSources

 * ✨ (TV show) added <enddate> for Jellyfin NFO files

 * 🩹 [download] do not download actor images, when user has chosen to "not overwrite existing data"

 * πŸ› also respect Trailer for trailer folder

 * 🧐 [imdb] plotSummary new style
 * 🍻 [imdb] add missing class
 * 🧐 [imdb] adapt keywords parsing to new page style

 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [mediainfo] also run for 0-byte files once...
 * πŸ”Š [uds] log failed reading of file attributes

 * πŸ₯… found another occurrence of using not our isRegularFile() -> replaced with ours
 * βš—οΈ [uds] change isRegularFile() to only check if it is not a directory!

 * 🚸 [uds] improve S/EE detection for shows like "24"
 * 🚸 enhanced automatic artwork downloader setup
 * 🚸 change default for artwork language priority

 * 🚸 enhanced displaying of missing episodes

 * πŸ’„ disable enter for one-lined text fields
 * πŸ’„ better switching theme on the fly
 * 🩹 prefer shipped ffmpeg now
 * 🚸 also pre-set NFO, artwork and subtitle language on first launch
 * ⬆️ new docker base image

 * πŸ’š docker arm has a different binary
 * πŸ”§ fix deep copy of native folder
 * πŸ”§ remove unneeded lines
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images
 * πŸ‘· building arm64 images

 * βœ… [uds] fix parser tests for badwords
 * ♿️ [uds] some badwords for naming detection
 * 🚸 [subtitles] correct getHasSubtitles() for audio files

 * 🌐 wording
 * πŸ› displaying of UTF8 characters in the error popup
 * 🚸 added sfv to unwanted file types
 * 🚸 improve isScraped calculation

 * 🩹 do not use fanart artwork size for artwork <> poster/fanart
 * 🚸 change behaviour of clicked toolbar items
 * πŸ”’οΈ add data export & encrypt exported logs

 * πŸ› x (FFmpeg) set correct artwork metadata for the enhanced artwork download algorithm
 * πŸ”Š [debug] add temporary debug logging for UDS
 * πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» [logging] export datasource structures on log export - might come handy

 * ✨ added the option to write movie set artwork with movie set name to movie folder

[BETA] tinyMediaManager v5

While this is still in beta, you are able to test it yourself. The main features/changes of v5 are:

+ Adopted storage locations to the operating system defaults (for new installations):
– macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/tinyMediaManager
– Windows: Users home\AppData\Roaming
– added an extra portable build for local storage
+ Subtitle handling rework:
– support for any language/locale style, greatly improved detection
– check new “original” language style for renaming
+ providing signed installers (Windows, macOS)
+ changed Linux ARM build to 64 bit (arm64/aarch64)
+ enabled usage of different episode groups #1935 #1138 #736
+ added support for OpenSubtitles.com
+ unified logo and clearlogo usage #2148
ATTENTION: you should review your logo and clearlogo settings!
+ reworked some dialogs to a material design like input dialog
+ enhanced automatic artwork downloading #2184, #2182
+ added subtitle format info to media files tab and filters #1709
+ fetch ratings: remember last used rating sources #1940
+ added some more movie editions per default #1987
+ writing season NFO files (mainly for Emby) #1697
+ added season plot
+ added a movie set export engine #1928
+ added a bulk editor for TV shows and episodes #1866
+ filter enhancements: numerical values can now be filtered with various other comparison methods #1952
+ many new filters #1052 #1952 #1949
+ added an option to control how the “new” flag should be cleared
+ added a logo for HDR/Dolby Vision #2191
x better handling of image cache upon rename
x added an option to write season data (NFO/artwork) for unavailable seasons
x (movie) renamer preview now shows subfolders too #2010
x (IMDB) adapt keywords parsing to new style

The biggest change here was the change of the storage location of your data: We changed this to comply with system standards for Windows, macOS and Linux. While there is still a portable version for Windows and Linux, we needed to remove the portable mode for macOS. So for now there are the following storage locations available:


  • Users home\AppData\Roaming
  • Portable (inside the tinyMediaManager folder)


  • ~/Library/Application Support/tinyMediaManager


  • ~/.local/share/tinyMediaManager
  • Portable (inside the tinyMediaManager folder)

When testing the new version, you are able to “import” all data/settings from your old v4 installation, by finishing the wizard and choosing the menu “Tools -> Import data/settings from v4”.

v5 already has a rather stable status, but we are aware that bigger changes always open doors for new bugs. This version of v5 is called a beta since we could not test these changes with many different setups, so be aware that there may be bugs which could harm your library! Always use test versions against fully backed up libraries or test libraries!

What is unfinished/unresolved?

  • Translations
  • Upgrade paths for every possible setup (in this test version you need to import your data/settings, so this can be neglected)
  • Linux – arm64 versions are untested (no hardware available)

Where to report findings/bugs

You should report them at our issue tracker: https://gitlab.com/tinyMediaManager/tinyMediaManager/-/issues

Where to get v5?


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