MediaInfo 23.11.1

MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.



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MediaInfo 23.11.1
Version 23.11, 2023-11-30
+ XMP: support of a couple of additional metadata
+ PNG: pixel aspect ratio, gamma, active bit depth
+ PNG: support of textual metadata
+ Detection of active width/height/DAR (based on FFmpeg), Windows only
+ Matroska: show ST-12 timecode of first frame
+ ADM: rounding of FFoA to 0 decimal and Start/End time codes to 2 decimals
+ WAV: support of big (1+ GB) axml chunks
+ ADM: support of big (1+ GB) files on 32-bit systems
x I1876, BWF: fix missing precision in TimeReference export
x I1607, MPEG-TS/PS: Less Inform() with Open(memory) than Open(file)
x MP4/MOV: show right time code of last frame with complex time code tracks
x Duration: timecode output should not use drop frame for 23.976fps
x AVC+HEVC: fix handling of DF timestamps
x SF1188, ID3v2: fix wrong handling of chunks having padding
x I1887, TS DVB: fix wrong handling of UTF-8 strings in service name
x I1892, Matroska: fix date readout if before the millennium

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