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MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.



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Version 23.06, 2023-06-28
+ USAC/xHE-AAC conformance checker
+ S-ADM: support of SMPTE ST 2127-1 / SMPTE ST 2109 / SMPTE ST 2127-10 (S-ADM in MGA in MXF)
+ S-ADM: add S-ADM version and support of 1/1.001 frame rates
+ ADM: show FFoA/Start/End as timestamp and timecode
+ MPEG-7 output update with more extensions
+ MPEG-TS: support of JPEG XS
+ DTS-UHD: support of DTS-UHD (a.k.a. DTS-X P2) in MP4
+ MP4: detection of VVC
+ MP4: support of media characteristicd (spoken dialog, translation, easy to read...)
+ MP4: support of more Blackmagic RAW Codec IDs
+ MP4: support of ipcm CodecID
+ MP4: support of service kind
+ HEVC: support of SMPTE ST 2094-10
+ HDR: display of all formats if more than 1 format is detected
+ Matroska: support of SMPTE ST 12 in block additions
+ HEVC: time code SEI readout
+ AVC & HEVC: active format description readout
+ MPEG-TS: support of SMPTE ST 2038 (ancillary data)
x ADM/Dolby: fix wrong FFoA with 1.001 frame rates
+ MOV/MP4: more info with tracks having unknown type
x MOV/MP4: avoid to parse too much content with non stripped timecodes
x MOV/MP4: avoid incoherent behavior if 2 tracks have the same ID
x TTML: fix default frame rate
x TimeCode: 1/1.001 frame rate was not always detected
x MediaTrace: fix some random blank outputs
x URL: remove query part of the URL in the FileExtension field
x Referenced files: fix handling of URL encoded with UTF-8 content
x Matroska: fix crash in support of HDR10+

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