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MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.



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Version 23.04, 2023-04-26
+ MXF: support of SMPTE ST 381-4 (AAC in MXF)
+ DTS: show MA or HRA tip in commercial name for DTS:X
+ DTS: detection of DTS:X not lossless
+ APT-X100 a.k.a. Cinema DTS: initial support
+ Matroska: support of HDR10+
+ MP4: more information about thumbnails
+ ID3v2: more information about thumbnails
+ VP9: initial support, for more information about chroma subsampling
+ AWS S3: support for reference files with AccessID:SecretKey@URL
x Windows installer: fix crash with Windows 10/11 having ASLR enabled (NSIS update)
x AWS S3: fix errors with some special chars in SecretKey
x AWS S3: fix random credential issues with non geolocated URLs
x DTS: fix freeze with some DTS-HD not DTS:X files
x MPEG-TS: fix crash in HEVC_timing_and_HRD
x AAC: fix samples per frame with SBR streams
x FLAC: fix missing Tbc Tbr in ChannelLayout

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