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MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.



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Version 23.03, 2023-03-29
+ DTS: Detection of IMAX Enhanced
+ MOV/MP4: Add HDR Vivid format support
+ HEVC: Add HDR Vivid format support
+ MXF/PCM: detect silent tracks (full parsing only)
+ Monkey's Audio: support of 32-bit files, show version
+ MP4 audioProfileLevelIndication: add Low Delay AAC v2 Profile
+ MP4/MOV: support of FLAC
+ MOV/MP4: support of TTML with images
+ MPEG-7: 3 modes (strict, relaxed, extended)
+ MPEG-7: more sub-termIDs (AudioPresentationCS)
+ MPEG-7: Add more PublicIdentifiers
+ MPEG-7: more sub-termIDs (MP4, WAV, AVC, ProRes)
+ AVI/WAV: display of the kind of fmt chunk
+ AVC: detection of more profiles
+ ChannelLayout: difference between M (Mono) and C (Center, part of multichannel content)
+ AC-3: detection of channel layout also for encrypted content
+ AC-4 and MPEG-H 3D Audio: Merged channel layout (all sub-streams together)
+ DTS: Detection of real bit depth e.g. 20 instead of only byte aligned bit depth (16 or 24)
+ FLAC: support of BWF in Vorbis comments
+ N19/STL: codepage, subtitle count, max line per subtitle, more metadata
+ ISAN: detection of descriptions referencing an ISAN
+ AAC: detection of eSBR (and fix of random wrong PS detection)
+ Extract of time codes, XML format, currently only for for MXF
x MP4/MOV: fix freezes with some unknown udta atoms
x FLV: fix duration of 0 with some buggy files
x AVC: fix PTS of last frame
x FFV1: fix potential crash with malformed files
x AV1: add HDR format line and fix HDR values
x AAC and WAV: fix of channel layout display for 5 front channels
x AC-4: Tl/Tr mapped to to Tsl/Tsr
x FLAC: fix sampling count
x ID3v2: fix Genre not showing ID 0 (Blues)
x MPEG-7: VBR fix
x JSON/XML: Remove minus sign from element names
x Normalization of date/time in report

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