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MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.



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Version 22.12, 2022-12-22
+ WebVTT: more information (duration, start/end timestamp, count of lines...)
+ MP4/MOV: support of FLAC
+ MP4/MOV: support of LanguageIETF
+ ProRes: parse FFmpeg glbl atom for getting color range
+ AVI/WAV: detection of character set
+ WAV: display MD5 of raw content
+ FLAC: display MD5 of unencoded content
+ USAC: trace of UsacFrame() up to after preroll
+ MOV/MP4: option for parsing only the header, no parsing of any frame
+ MXF: option for parsing only the header, no parsing of any frame
x MXF: quicker parsing when fast parsing is requested
x I662, WAV: fix false-positive detection of DTS in PCM
x I1637, MPEG-Audio: proper support of Helix MP3 encoder detection and encoder settings
x I661, MXF: fix UKDPP FpaPass value sometimes not outputted
x S1182, Teletext subtitle: prioritize subtitle metadata other overs
x Matroska: Better handling in case of buggy AVC stream
x 22.2 audio: Fix name of 1 channel (Tll --> Tsl)
x AAC: fix wrong parsing of some bitstreams
x Fix crash with stdin input and ctrl-c
x Fix memory leak in JSON output

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