MediaInfo 21.09

MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.
Release Date2021-09-17
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Version 21.09, 2021-09-17
+ Graph view for 3D audio streams (thanks to graphviz)
+ ADM: full featured support (programmes, content, objects, pack formats...)
+ ADM: in WAV (axml, bxml), MXF
+ S-ADM in AES3: support of Levels A1 and AX1
+ MOV/MP4: support of Dolby Vision Metadata XML
+ MXF: detection of IAB
+ SMPTE ST 337 (AES3): support of subframe mode
+ HEVC: CEA-608/708 caption support
+ MP4/QuickTime: Android slow motion real frame rate
+ JSON output: add creatingLibrary field
x MPEG-4: read too much data with some predecessor definitions
x EBUCore: fix of fields order and types

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