How to root your RTD1619 based Zidoo device

I’ve got this from pcristi some time ago

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As always, use it at your own risk!

- Windows PC to run the batch file.
- Zidoo Media player(RTD 1619DR) connected to network.
- Zidoo Media player(RTD 1619DR) minimum firmware version 6.0.30.
- Enable USB Debugging under Advanced Settings/Developer options.
- USB Debugging authorization for connect computer.

- Not one of Magisk module is was tested it with that adaptation use it carefully.

- Download ROOT_Magisk-v23.0_via_LAN_Zidoo(RTD_1619DR).zip
- Unzip ROOT_Magisk-v23.0_via_LAN_Zidoo(RTD_1619DR).zip
- Execute ROOT_Magisk-v23.0_via_LAN.bat (double click).
- Assume the risk please type exactly "YES I understand" without quotes.
- Insert Zidoo player IP address when ask 192.168.x.x.
- Enjoy Zidoo Media players(RTD 1619DR) with Magisk ROOT.

- adb shell "rm -R /data/adb && reboot", OTA update or Factory reset will remove Magisk ROOT.

Please don't try use Run as Administrator or from Powershell this can cause troubles.

1 thought on “How to root your RTD1619 based Zidoo device”

  1. Danke! Schöne Anbleitung!!
    Aber ich würde empfehlen etwas mehr dazu zu schreiben:
    – Wie man das USB Debugging unter den Enwickleroptionen aktiviert und
    – Wie man die USB-Debugging-Autorisierung zum Anschließen eines Computers sicherstellt.

    …das is ja nicht gerade selbsterklärend.


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