tinyMediaManager 4.2.4

A new version of tinyMediaManager is available for download

tinyMediaManager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and macOS (and possible more OS).

VersionBuild date
PlatformArchitectureOfficial DownloadAlternative DownloadSHA-256
checksum file*
windows  Installer (.exe)Windows
blockOneDrive DownloadSHA256
windows  Portable (.zip)Windows
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
macOS  Disk image (.dmg)macOS
blockOneDrive DownloadSHA256
macOS  Portable (.zip)macOS
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
linux  Portable (.tar.gz)Linux
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
ARM  Portable (.tar.gz)Linux
tmmOneDrive DownloadSHA256
Version 4.2.4
+ added support for season fanart #1434 #1572
+ support for getting FFmpeg thumbs from disk folders
+ added bit depth to audio media information #1581
x prefer fanart without text to comply with Kodi standards #1565
x sort the column "date added" by date AND time
x some enhancements in the MPDb.TV scraper #1574
x sort filter presets by name #1575 (thx @dimitricappelle)
x moved the select all/select none items to top #1527
x (TV shows) fixed writing of  for Emby NFOs
x (movies) include the original filename as valid renamer pattern #1578
x scraping several trailers from davestrailerpage #1584
x some enhancements in the renamer preview
x some enhancements in the image chooser
x re-aligned media information panel to show less duplicate data
x (TV shows) added presets for Emby/Jellyfin
x properly set the "ignore SSL errors" setting on startup

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