A new version of tinyMediaManager is available for download

tinyMediaManager is a media management tool written in Java/Swing. It is written to provide metadata for the Kodi Media Center (formerly known as XBMC), MediaPortal and Plex media server. Due to the fact that it is written in Java, tinyMediaManager will run on Windows, Linux and macOS (and possible more OS).

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x added an in memory recovery function for database recovery
  this kicks in if tinyMediaManager detects an actual corruption while running

Version 4.1.5
+ added an enhanced aspect ratio detector (thx @icebaer72 and @All-Ex)
+ heavily reworked the Kodi integration #335, #966, #971, #1151, #1303
+ added a filter for movie sets containing missing movies #1279
+ (movie) added year to the bulk editor
+ automatically restore a backup if a damaged database has been detected on startup
+ support for scraping adult TV shows #1307
x new macOS icon that matches the BigSur style #1333 (thx @titanicbobo)
x fixed loading of license module on UNC paths #1227
x partly reverted changes to the database management #1315 #1316 #1291 #1306
x reworked memory usage visualization in the status bar
x do not pre-set artwork types in the (background) scrape dialogs, when automatic artwork download is disabled
x allow more season/episode variants to be detected #1302
x enhanced check for missing artwork to extrafanart/extrathumbs too #1320
x (TMDB) enhanced language fallback for es_MX, pt_BR and fr_CA #1326
x reverted splitting playcount from watched state #1296
x (movies/TV shows) make sure the actors folder exists prior to moving files #1331
x (TV shows) do not remove "season-all-*" artwork on rename #1327

Version 4.1.4
+ updated libmediainfo to 21.03
+ (movies/TV shows) added "force best match" to automatic subtitle downloads (rather than only download file hash matches)
+ added possibility to double click the image in the image chooser to select the artwork #1094
+ re-added various zoom options to the image preview window #1094
+ added filter options for the image chooser #1253
+ (movie sets) some UI enhancements: show IMDB id, show artwork files, show year in search dialog #1285 #1280
+ (TV shows) option to only include the first studio in the NFO
+ (movies/TV shows) search via TMDB id, IMDB id and TVDB id is now possible (TV shows only)
x changed the database compacting logic to be more resistant to file corruptions
x (macOS) re-compiled the launcher with golang 1.15 to support macOS 10.11 #1278
x fixed occasional crash on startup of the TV show module #1283
x (TV show) support more than 9 extrafanarts in the renamer #1286
x (TV show) also respect the trailer filename settings in the TV show renamer #1287
x (movies/TV shows) respect first alphanumeric character for the "first" renderer
x (TV show) embed episode details into a scroll pane #1289
x (FFmpeg) suppress unnecessary error logs #1284
x (TV show) write/read country tag to/from NFO files
x (TV show) parse aired tag before the premiered tag for episode NFOs #1295
x repackaged the linux distributable to only contain one root folder #1257
x do not crash the scrape if imdb ratings cannot the loaded #1299
x enhanced cleaning of filenames on import #950
x some fixes for detecting/handling pt-BR subtitles
x reuse the playcount from pre-existing NFO files when writing new NFO files #1296
x (OMDb API) enhanced searching of movies with short titles like "21" #1310

Version 4.1.3
+ Emby compatibility enhancements
  - (TV shows) proper trailer naming for Emby
  - (TV shows) added tmdbid to the NFO
  - (TV shows) added option to write <enddate> to the TV show NFO
  - (TV shows) added option to write all actors/guests into the TV show NFO
+ (TV shows) added vote count column
+ basic support for nextpvr recording XML parsing #1252
x added shutdown hook to prevent database corruption
x (TV shows) also fetch imdb ratings for episodes
x (movies) catch occasional errors in movie set sorting
x check write access to the tinyMediaManager folder on startup
x (TV shows) added columns for music theme and video bitrate
x (TV shows) do not mix in a missing episode on media file exchange
x (movies/TV shows) fixed creation of trailer folder while muxing
x (TV show) fixed bug when writing TV show NFO
x re-aligned new rating logos to do not take up that much vertical space
x (TV show) prevent rating panel from flickering
x do not draw the rating panel over popups #1265
x change filter indicator if all filters are deactivated #1268

Version 4.1.2
+ new columns for HDR and aspect ratio - thx @icebaer72
+ (movies/TV shows) re-added persisting of last used filters #1153
+ (movies) option to only include the first studio in the NFO
+ (movies) added cover.ext to well known poster file names
x removed unused code fot TV show ratings #1233
x display custom rating source logo #1233--
x do not delete tags on further scrapes #1233
x (movies/TV shows) saving changed data sources in settings
x (movies/TV shows) do not write NFO on update data sources
x (TV shows) do not strip out TV show title from inside the episode title
x changed renamer token ${hdr} to ${hdrformat}
x better propagation of API errors to the UI #1237
x (TV shows) reworked scrape new items
x (macOS) search for Kodi scrapers in different locations
x (TV shows) writing of correct NFO file name for BD/DVD episodes #1248
x (movies/TV shows) fixed update data sources for git-annex setups #1223
x run some long running actions in a background task
x (movies) sorting of MS/RT columns
x (movies/TV shows) fixed rendering issues of bidirectional text

Version 4.1.1
+ filter for note field
x (TV show) fixes endless update data source #1230 #1228
x (TV show) do not select all episodes in TV show rename action per default
x better visualization of failed download #1229
x increased max memory limit to 8G
x fix changing maximum download thread count at runtime #1232
x sort showlinks in the dropdown box #1231

Version 4.1
+ License changes - Now there is a FREE and PRO version of tinyMediaManager. In the FREE version there is no more limitation of loaded movies/TV shows or API calls.

  The FREE version includes:
    - base functionality of tinyMediaManager (update data sources, scrape, rename, edit, export, command line interface, ...)
    - TMDB scraper

  The PRO version includes also:
    - all other scrapers (IMDB, OMDB, Universal, Kodi, ...)
    - trailer download
    - subtitle download
    - Trakt.tv integration

+ BIG scraper rework:

  We split up all scrapers into individual sub-scrapers for every scope (meta data, artwork, trailer, subtitle).
  This offers new options to configure them:
    - now they are all independently configurable (no setting for the movie section influences the TV show section)
    - we could strip out options which are not needed for the actual section (e.g. TV show options in the movie scraper)
    - they have a better code base for future changes
    - separated country setting for certifications and release date

  The only drawback here is, that you may have to enter some options (like an individual API key) in every sub-scraper
  ATTENTION: since almost everything changed in the scraper setup, you may need to re-set the scraper options after the update

+ added integration of FFmpeg

  You can directly download and use FFmpeg on Windows, macOS and Linux - as well as use FFmpeg from your system
  - creation of still/thumb creation via FFmpeg #1017
  - muxing downloaded trailers using FFmpeg

+ added TVmaze scraper
+ enhanced Trakt.tv sync (added personal rating sync, reworked settings & actions)
+ added missing movies in movie set #1111
+ added an option to suppress tooltips in the main tables #1128
+ added a function to migrate existing movies/TV shows to a new data source #1044
+ remember last used scraper for each entry - for scraping new episodes the same scraper will be taken into account as for the TV show
+ (movie) added full customization in which priority/order the rating should be loaded #986
+ use qualified metadata (title, plot, year, IMDB id, episode/season number) from mediainfo on first import #669 #1065
+ (movie) added an expert mode to the bulk editor to "freely" edit text based fields
+ added a JMTE replacement renderer for custom replacements (movie/TV show, renamer & exporter)
+ added OMDB TV Show scraping
+ added more Columns for Movie Sets
+ added period (year of movies in collection) for Movie Sets
+ added clickable ID Links to the Episode Detail Panel
+ added button in tv show scrape/search window for opening TVShow folder
+ added original title column for TV shows / episodes
+ reworked visualization of ratings
+ added original title column for TV shows / episodes
+ added possibility to play the trailer url in the editor (Movie and TvShow)
+ added option to manual choose artwork in the movie set chooser (as for movies)
x separated country setting for certifications and release date
x rewritten Trakt.tv integration to be more flexible and ready for multiple versions of the same movie/episode #1031 #1081
x exchanged native file dialogs with tiny file dialogs
  Windows users will see a change here, because tiny file dialogs uses the "folder browser" component from Windows
x better error messages for SSL errors #1122
x added zxx (No linguistic content) to the language code detection #1125
x allow selecting of E00 in episode chooser for some special episodes #967
x added an HiDPI splash screen
x re-write NFO on gathering mediainfo data #1135
x improved HDR detection #1134
x set displayepisode and displayseason #1146
x added Soap to well known genres
x re-read mediainfo data for (ex)changed files
x (movie) remove missing/deleted files on update data sources
x (movie) support more than 9 extrafanarts in the renamer #1156
x (movie) sorting by new column #1161
x (TV show) also fetch season artwork from tmdb #1158
x (TV show) TV show related action can be triggered from episodes/seasons too #1115
x (movie) adopted movie defaults/Kodi preset to Kodi v19
x (TV show) fall back to TV show artwork if season artwork is not available #987
x removing negative filters in presets

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