HandBrake 1.6.1

HandBrake is an open-source video transcoder available for Linux, Mac, and Windows, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2.

HandBrake takes videos you already have and makes new ones that work on your mobile phone, tablet, TV media player, game console, computer, or web browser—nearly anything that supports modern video formats.

HandBrake works with most common video files and formats, including ones created by consumer and professional video cameras, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, game and computer screen recordings, and DVD and Blu-ray discs. HandBrake leverages tools such as FFmpeg, x264, and x265 to create new MP4 or MKV video files from these Sources.




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Official Download (Windows x64 Installer)

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Alternative Download (Windows x64 Installer)

OneDrive Download

Official Download (Windows x64 64 bit)
.NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.13 – Windows x64 Installer english


Alternative Download (Windows x64 64 bit)
.NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.13 – Windows x64 Installer english

OneDrive Download

For additional platforms please visit https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php

Upgrade Notice

Before updating HandBrake, please make sure there are no pending encodes in the queue, and be sure to make a backup of any custom presets and app preferences you have, as they may not be compatible with newer versions.

Windows users, please make sure to install Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime version 6.0.x. Read carefully: you need the DESKTOP runtime. You must install .NET 6 even if you have installed .NET 7.

All platforms


  • Fixed a potential decoder issue that could cause desync with audio (#4788, #4789)

Command line interface

  • Fixed inability to name external subtitles tracks using –subname


  • Fixed behavior of quality slider when changing encoders


  • Fixed translations missing updates as part of 1.6.0 (#4790)
    • Bulgarian (Български)
    • Corsican (Corsu)
    • Dutch (Nederlands)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Spanish (Español)
  • Fixed (partially) Intel QSV hardware detection (#4768)
  • Fixed a potential crash when canceling an Intel QSV encode (#4341)
  • Fixed building with -Werror=format-security by adding missing format strings where needed


  • Fixed quality slider not allowing negative values for encoders supporting them
  • Fixed issues upgrading presets from older versions (#4820)
  • Fixed a potential graphical interface hang when stopping the queue (#4782)
  • Fixed optical disc drives on the source selection pane not scanning correctly (#4771)
  • Fixed erroneous display of 2-pass check box for Intel QSV AV1 encoder (not yet supported) (#4777)
  • Fixed a build configuration issue that broke version 1.6.0 for Windows on arm64
  • Fixed an issue that prevented NVDEC from being available
  • Fixed passthru audio erroneously falling back to encoding (#4795)
  • Fixed the Save New Preset button incorrectly overwriting recently added presets (#4804)

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