Guide: How to backup your Home Theater data

After seeing the question regarding “how to create a backup of my Home Theater data” repeatedly on the Zidoo Forum I’ve decided to write a guide.


Open Home Theater and go to Settings – Poster Directory. These are my recommended settings for the poster image save directory

Make sure you’ve Google Apps installed or you won’t have Google Play Store. Alternative you can download RAR for Android from APKPure.

open Google Play Store and search for RAR and install it

allow the permission after first start

Backup library

open Home Theater and go to Settings – Library

select Backup file save directory. Navigate to an external folder and click OK

click BACKUP

The backup file contains the Home Theater database and settings. Actually it’s just a zip file.

Backup poster image save directory

start RAR

click checkbox for folder .HomeTheater

select Add files to archive. You might have to use the mouse mode.

On the General tab click BROWSE and select the Download folder. I recommend to use ZIP format for that task.

On the Advanced tab select Store without compression. Click OK

start Media Center and make sure you’ve enabled Show hidden files under Settings

navigate to Download folder

select archive and click Copy

select the external device of your choice

click Paste

As final step you should make pictures from your settings with your mobile or the build in screenshoot function.

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