EverSolo DAC-Z6 / DAC-Z8 firmware updates

I’ve checked the EverSolo server for firmware updates of the models EverSolo DAC-Z6 and DAC-Z8.

v1.0.0.42EverSolo_download1. Fixed the occasional sound interruption problem of optical and coaxial input
2. Modified the display of some user interfaces
3. Added the independent control function for headphone volume
4. Optimized system stability
v1.0.0.45EverSolo_downloadnot available
v1.0.0.46EverSolo_downloadnot available
v1.0.0.47EverSolo_download1. Add long press function of remote control volume key
2. Add the function of cycling switch input source by source key of remote control
3. Add audio information display setting of VU meter interface
4. Add the function of setting menu list cycle selection
5. Add a VU mode display
v1.0.0.50EverSolo_downloadnot available
v1.0.0.52EverSolo_download1. Fixed occasional audio dropout issue from SPDIF input
2. Optimized the display of VU meter 4
v1.0.0.53EverSolo_downloadnot available
v1.0.0.54EverSolo_downloadnot available
last update 2023-09-08

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