Zidoo X20 stable firmware v2.3.32

Zidoo released a new stable firmware for their model Zidoo X20.

ModelZidoo X20
Build Date2020-06-12
checksum file*
Official DownloadZidoo Download
Alternative DownloadOneDrive Download
APKs as 7zipped bundleAPK Download
SHA-256 checksum file*SHA256
APK NameApplication NamePackage NameVersion
zidoo_ble.apkBluetooth Remotecom.zidoo.bluetooth1.2.7
zidoo_cd_riper.apkCD Ripercom.zidoo.rip1.0.0
zidoo_control.apkControl Centercom.zidoo.control.center1.6.2
zidoo_file.apkMedia Centercom.zidoo.fileexplorer3.7.6
zidoo_hdmi.apkHDMI INcom.zidoo.rtk.hdmi3.6.1
zidoo_music.apkMusic Player 5.0com.zidoo.audioplayer5.5.0
zidoo_poster.apkHome Theater 3.0com.zidoo.poster3.0.45
zidoo_quick_settings.apkQuick Settingscom.android.quick.settings2.1.8
zidoo_shortcut.apkShortCut keyscom.zidoo.shortcut.key1.4.3
zidoo_wizrd.apkSetup wizardcom.zidoo.setupwizard1.2.7


1. Fix the problem of occasional freeze when playing local video
2. Optimize the smoothness of online video playback
3. Fixed the issue of audio jump for some special playlists for Blu-ray (seamless branching)

1. Fixed the problem of no channel information showing
2. Fixed an error in getting the sampling rate
3. Optimize the folder scanning function
4. Optimize album logic
5. Optimize front panel information display
6. Added songs information for CD playback
7. Fixed an issue where there was no online match

Video Player
1. Fixed the problem that the movie name is displayed incorrectly
2. Added shortcut to download subtitles
3. Optimized subtitle deletion function
4. Optimize custom font function
5. When the location of the external SRT subtitle is set, the location of the built-in text subtitle will also be changed
6. Fixed the problem that Swedish subtitles recognized as Swahili, Romanian is recognized as Russian

Media Center
1. Add support for SMBv3
2. Add file filter switch
3. Fixed the issue that the SACD files in the Favorite would play as video

Home Theater
1. Update to the new UI of HT 3.0
2. Optimize title recognition, compatible with the "season x. episode xx" video
3. Optimize the focus control of the collection list when adding to the collection
4. Fixed the problem of occasional crash when scanning
5. Added "Remove collection" function for automatically categorized collection videos
6. Optimize movie add to collection function
7. TV series categories added to the left column of the homepage
8. Added trailer function in movie details screen(can be closed in settings)
9. Optimized the display of the new collection of fanart
10. Fixed the problem that the movie pictures matched from Douban are not clear
11. When the movie has no poster, the local picture is still used, even if the preferred local image switch is off
12. Added poster preview function for rematch
13. Fixed the problem of occasionally crashing when entering the details screen of the movie analyzed by NFO
14. Lock icon will no longer be displayed on the main screen when child lock password protection is closed
15. Fixed the problem that movies with the same title from different years will be matched to the same movie
16. Added CLEARLOGO function in the detail screen
17. Add Pop-up key function of remote control
18. Fixed the problem that "scanning" is always displayed when adding devices
19. Fixed the problem that the change of poster language does not take effect
20. Optimized sorting function
21. Search TMDb first when intelligent search
22. Optimize the child lock function
23. Added full keyboard input to search screen
24. Added category browsing mode
25. Added custom widget function
26. Added custom classification function
27. Added the time reverse display for the recent addition of watching records
28. Fixed the issue that widget of external device is not displayed sometime
29. The main screen widget adds region selection
30. Add custom function to the type in main screen
31. Fixed the problem that the type in main screen is displayed in English individually
32. Added browsing mode for devices in main screen (file and poster browsing)
33. Add switch display Settings for recommended functions in the main screen
34. Added local trailer function(movie name. trailer.mp4)
35. Added alphabetical navigation function to the poster list screen(effective when sorting by poster name)
36. Optimized trailer playback logic
37. Change the default layout size of the poster list screen
38. Added function to clear application data
39. Optimize application stability
40. Added editing function for navigation in category screen
41. Optimize the function of editing TV series on the web
42. Optimize the accuracy of getting the movie year
43. Optimize the matching rate of videos with title in brackets
44. Fix the problem that TMDb matching rate drops due to modified Douban matching

1. Added position and size adjustment function for PIP

1. Fixed the problem that the playback ratio of individual videos is incorrect

Control Center
1. Add a confirmation switch if authorization is required
2. Add sleep interface to mobile phone control

Shortcut Keys
1. Added shortcut to download subtitles
2. Application installer

Optimize installation from web
1. Added support install from mobile phone

Mobile Phone Control
1. Optimize connected device management
2. Add the function of installing local applications
1. Added screenshot saving function
2. Added function of installing shared app file to ZIDOO device

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